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Dr. Marco Ciocca

Marco Ciocca
  • Professor
  • Ph.D., Washington University, St. Louis, MO
  • Italian Laurea, University of Naples


Contact Information


I am an experimentalist and my background is atomic and molecular physics, in particular the study of laser light interaction with atoms and molecules. In the last few years I have become interested in Observational Astronomy. After receiving a grant from the EKU Board Initiative, in 2008 I guided the construction of a small astronomical observatory for the enhancement of Observing Facilities at Eastern Kentucky University. The Observatory is located on south campus adjacent to the Astronomy Deck where the Department of Physics and Astronomy holds its classroom observations.  It houses a 17" telescope with a research-grade tracking mount and state-of-the-art instrumentation. Outreach activities are often scheduled in both the Astronomy Deck and the Observatory. 

Research activities involve photometry of variable stars and capture of transient events. Data from the Observatory have resulted in several publications: 

M. Ciocca, E. Kilgore, W. W. Williams, “Automation of Eastern Kentucky University Observatory and Preliminary Data”, Journal of the American Association of Variable Stars Observers (JAAVSO), 40 #1, p. 433 (2012)

M. Ciocca, “BVRI Observations of SZ Lyncis at the EKU Observatory”, JAAVSO, 41 #1, 134-144 (2013)

M. Ciocca, “Data Mining the Ogle-II I-band Database for Eclipsing Binary Stars”, JAAVSO, 41 #2, p. 267-282 (2013)

M. Ciocca, S. Hümmerich, “Three New Eccentric Eclipsing Binary Systems in the OGLE-II Database”, JAAVSO, 42 #1, p141-153 (2014)

Alice C. Quillen, Marco Ciocca, Jeffrey L. Carlin, Cameron P. M. Bell, Zeyang Meng, “Variability in the 2MASS calibration fields: a search for transient obscuration events”, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS), 441, p. 2691-2716 (2014)

M. Ciocca, “Adventures in Transformations: TG, TA, oh my!”, JAAVSO, 43 #2, p. 256 (2015)

M. Ciocca, “Converting Differential Photometry Results to the Standard System using Transform Generator and Transform Applier”, JAAVSO, 44 #2, p. 200, (2016)

M. Ciocca, “BV Observations of the Eclipsing Binary XZ Andromedae at the EKU Observatory”, JAAVSO, 46 #1, p. 86 (2018)


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PHY 101Concepts of the Physical World  Internet Classes SITESpring 2020
PHY 132College Physics IIMWF 10:10am-12:05pm New Science Building 3121Spring 2020
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