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Dr. Marco Ciocca

Marco Ciocca
  • Professor
  • Ph.D., Washington University, St. Louis, MO
  • Italian Laurea, University of Naples


Contact Information


I am an experimentalist and my background is atomic and molecular physics, in particular the
study of laser light interaction with atoms and molecules. Lately I have become interested in
Observational Astronomy. In 2006 I wrote a grant for the EKU Board Initiative and received
funding to construct a small astronomical observatory for the enhancement of Astronomical
Observing Facilities at Eastern Kentucky University. With this grant, I have acquired a 14”
telescope, with an appropriate tracking mount and I have designed, subcontracted and supervised
the construction of a facility to house this telescope. The new observatory is located on south
campus, adjacent to the astronomy deck where the Department of Physics and Astronomy holds
its Astronomy Open houses. The facility has two rooms, one housing the permanently mounted
telescope and the other, insulated against the elements, acting as a control room.

Besides outreach activities, which will be one of the uses of this facility, I would like to use this
telescope in research mode, to perform photometry of variable stars and capture transient events
in the skies over Kentucky.

The equipment necessary (CCD camera, filters and software for data reduction) is either already
available or is being purchased and I am looking forward to acquire data soon.


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PHY 131College Physics IMTWRF 8:30am-11:30am New Science Building 3122Summer 2018
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